Barnet’s biggest Oak

Barnet’s Biggest Oak – Oak Way, London N14

Sadly it’s time to say goodbye to this amazing Oak tree. Tragically it died a year or so ago, and for public safety reasons the local council had to fell it.

However, Barnet Council Green Spaces team kindly donated this tree to us at Saunders Seasonings, so that we can save and re-use the timber that would otherwise be chipped.

The tree was felled on 25 Feb 2020, and the main trunk, which weighed around 8.5 tonnes and took 2 cranes to lift it, was then transported to our farm site in Bulphan, where over the next few months it will be milled into slabs, boards and planks. These will then be left to air-dry to for another 6 months and more, before we kiln dry them down to 10% moisture content, ready for making into interior furniture, such as table tops, seating, cabinets, shelving and much more.

But for us it’s not just about turning timber into furniture, it’s the story of the tree, and the stories of all the people who grew up around it and whose lives it was a big part of. This is how we as people live and evolve, we are survived by our experiences which become stories, re-told over generations. We have already estimated by a rough count of the growth rings, that this majestic old Oak is around 300 years old.