Daniel Craig – Your plane tree only lives twice

It was quite amusing to find myself named in the local and then national press, as the person who offered to re-use the plane tree in Daniel Craig’s garden if it was felled. In truth I had no idea whose garden it was, I just submitted a note on the planning application saying that I was interested in the trunk if the tree was felled, to re-use to make furniture. Apparently the neighbour submitted the planning application as the plane was causing subsidence in his extension ( even though it’s at the other end of the garden). Anyway – next thing I knew is that I was in the news as ‘local joiner Bruce Saunders’.


So Mr.Craig. if you want your tree to (yew!) Only Live Twice, then please put me in touch with the Man With The Golden Chainsaw.

Many trunks..- Bruce


new London timber for 2017

Today we kicked off our new timber seasoning cycle. In the shadow of the Olympic Stadium, we milled a unique selection of high-quality timbers: pippy oak, olive ash and cedar of lebanon with London plane, sycamore and spalted beech still in the round.

In amongst the stunning cuts of timber we did also come across some unwanted surprises such as a huge 50 year old nail and a washing line that went right through one of the logs…

More pictures to come soon!





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